Fig & Pink Cedar Come Away With Me Travel Set



Presenting our Travel Essential Come Away With Me Set. Containing five of our Nougat travel sizes, this gift set is thoroughly indispensable on any journey! Use our Shine Enhancing Shampoo in conjunction with our Nourishing Conditioner for soft easy to manage hair. Our Moisturising Soap is Vegetable based with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to gently cleanse and moisturise the skin. Our Moisturising Shower Gel and Conditioning Body Souffle contain Mallow Extract, Vitamin E and Wheatgerm and will leave your skin velvety soft.


100g Moisturising Soap

100ml Shine Enhancing Shampoo

100ml Nourishing Conditioner

100ml Moisturising Shower Gel

100ml Conditioning Body Souffle



· Made in England

· Not tested on animals